Mac Pro Nehalem problem when installing Mac OS X Server

Mac OS X Server v10.5: Installing on a computer that won’t start up from the installation disc
Last Modified: August 01, 2009
Article: HT3479

If your computer came with a more recent version of Mac OS X than the version of the Mac OS X Server installation disc that you are trying to use, that disc may not be able to start up your computer. When you start the computer from the installation disc, the computer may display a blank or gray screen. In some instances, when installing Mac OS X Server over Mac OS X, the choice of Standard, Workgroup, or Advanced server configuration will not be offered.

Products Affected
Mac OS X Server 10.5
To install Mac OS X Server v10.5 on a computer that already has a later version of Mac OS X installed, follow these steps:

Be sure that you have completed the Mac OS X Setup Assistant on the target computer.
Run Software Update to install all available updates.
Connect your target computer to the secure Ethernet network where it will function as a server. If you have DNS service provided by your ISP, Internet router, or other servers on your network, make sure it is running and set up for your new server.
Launch Terminal and perform the following command:
$ sudo rm /var/db/.AppleInstallType.plist

Note: This utilizes the delete command with root privileges, so be sure to input the command correctly.

Insert the Mac OS X Server Install Disc.
Open the Install Mac OS X Server application.
Click the Install button. Note: If the button reads Restart instead of Install, then your computer can start from the installation disc. Simply click Restart and follow the onscreen instructions. You may skip the steps below.
Follow the onscreen instructions. The installer will install the necessary pieces of Mac OS X Server without removing any of the software already installed on your computer.
Once the software is successfully installed, close the Installer window and then immediately run Software Update. Install the latest Mac OS X Server update and any other recommended updates.
Software Update will prompt you to restart your computer when it is finished and the Server Assistant will appear. Complete it according to the instructions in your Mac OS X Server v10.5 Leopard – Getting Started guide.

Additional Information
If you choose the Advanced configuration option in Server Assistant in step 10, Kerberos may not start correctly after you finish setting up the server and restart. To correct this, run the following commands in a Terminal window, after setting up and restarting the server:

sudo -s
kdcsetup -d
cd /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/
kdcsetup -e

Important: After entering the first command you must type the password for the administrator account created in the Mac OS X Setup Assistant in step 1.

In addition, if you configure your server as a Kerberos Domain Controller (KDC) in step 10, and you encounter unexpected issues with client authentication, you may need to rebuild the KDC. For instructions, see this article.

Topic : Mac os x server doesn´t boot from dvd

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Replies : 3 – Pages : 1 – Last Post : Nov 6, 2009 9:09 AM by: Paul Parry

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Mac os x server doesn´t boot from dvd
Posted: Oct 28, 2009 12:59 PM
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Hi. Sorry by my english writing

I have a problem installing mac os x server in a mac server. The server doesn´t have graphic card. I wanted install the os using screen sahring method, I have a dhcp server running in the local network and the server has a network connection, additionally I configured the dhcp server to give a static ip address to the server. I follow the instructions to boot from optical drive using the system identifier button, but when the server starts only looks like it is working and after a few seconds eject the dvd, is that correct. I have no idea what is wrong, becuase the server don’t get the ip addresa and can’t perform the screen sharing method described in the xserver user guide. The only solution that I can think is to get a video card and plug it to see what it is happening, I have test the dhcp server a it is working. If somenone can give an advice, I’ll be very graceful.

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Re: Mac os x server doesn´t boot from dvd
Posted: Oct 28, 2009 1:18 PM in response to: kyriox
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The only Xserve without a graphics card that I am aware of is the G5 Xserve, which is not compatible with Snow Leopard Server, since 10.6 is Intel processor only.

G. Discenza

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Re: Mac os x server doesn´t boot from dvd
Posted: Oct 28, 2009 9:33 PM in response to: carana
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The Server has an intel processor. We bought the server without graphics card. The ways that we can use to access the Xserve are by the serial port or by vnc(using screen sharing). The problem its that the Xserve doesn’t boot from the dvd and I’am using the disc that was shipped with the server.

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Paul Parry

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Re: Mac os x server doesn´t boot from dvd
Posted: Nov 6, 2009 9:09 AM in response to: kyriox
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Hi kyriox,

I had a similar issue earlier this year. If you take a look at-

and follow the last post from Larry Ho, then you should be able to resolve matters.
This method also worked for me, but the post thread was closed before I could confirm it. The only problem that remained was the fact that nfs was still an active service at the end of it all. I simply disabled this within SA in the end.

Hope this helps,

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